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Immerse yourself in the history and culture of Taos, New Mexico, with a day dedicated to exploring its historic landmarks and timeless traditions. Taos, with rich Native American, Spanish, and Anglo heritage, offers experiences that transport you back in time.

From ancient pueblos to Spanish colonial churches and historic homes, Taos is a living museum. But it’s no Disneyland. The historic district is dense with adobe architecture, a plaza that dates to 1796, and a storied past. Sample traditional New Mexican cuisine, check out the local artisans, and uncover the stories.

Michael's Kitchen Restaurant & Bakery, Pueblo St Rd, Taos, NM, USA

Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery, Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, El Prado, Taos, NM, USA

Taos Pueblo, NM, USA

5 Star Burgers, Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, Taos, NM, USA

Mante's Chow Cart, Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, Taos, NM, USA

Harwood Museum of Art, Ledoux Street, Taos, NM, USA

San Francisco de Asís Catholic Mission Church, Saint Francis Plaza, Ranchos de Taos, NM, USA

Doc Martin's, Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, Taos, NM, USA

Martyrs Steakhouse, Paseo Del Pueblo Norte, Taos, NM, USA

El Monte Sagrado, Kit Carson Road, Taos, NM, USA

Hotel La Fonda de Taos, South Plaza, Taos, NM, USA

Taos Plaza Gazebo, Taos, NM, USA

Best Places for Breakfast in Taos

Michael’s Kitchen

Enjoy a hearty breakfast at Michael’s Kitchen, a Taos institution since 1974. The extensive menu includes New Mexican favorites such as the breakfast burrito smothered in red or green chile, and the blue corn pinon pancakes.

Farmhouse Cafe

The Farmhouse Cafe and Bakery is perched on the edge of town with expansive views of Taos Mountain from the little shopping plaza. (It’s behind the Overland Sheepskin Co, where I’ve been known to purchase many a jacket.) You’ll find hearty breakfast options made with fresh, local ingredients — from fluffy omelets to homemade granola.

Best Things To Do in the Morning in Taos

Taos Pueblo

Taos Pueblo is a living testament to the rich cultural heritage of the Tiwa-speaking Native American community in the region. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this ancient pueblo has been continuously inhabited for over 1,000 years and represents one of the oldest living communities in the United States. The multi-storied adobe buildings are a testimony to the architectural ingenuity and craftsmanship of the Pueblo people.

The Red Willow Creek, which bisects the settlement, is both a physical and spiritual life source for the community. Residents are welcoming, and many open their homes as shops, offering handmade crafts, baked goods, and artwork. Approach the community with respect and openness, as this is not just a historical site, but a home for the residents. Their stories, culture, and way of life are a significant part of the American narrative.

Best Places for Lunch in Taos

5 Star Burgers

While known for its burgers, of course, 5 Star Burgers also serves New Mexican dishes. Try the Green Chile Cheeseburger or the Taos Cobb Salad, both crowd favorites.

Mante's Chow Cart

Mante’s Chow Cart is an authentic gem, serving classic take-out New Mexican cuisine. Don’t miss the Green Chile Cheeseburger, with rich flavors and perfectly roasted chile. Carne Adovada is another great option, with tender pork marinated in red chile.

Best Things To Do in the Afternoon in Taos

Harwood Museum of Art

Dive into the art and history of Taos at the Harwood Museum of Art. With a focus on art created in, inspired by, or relevant to northern New Mexico, the museum’s collection ranges from traditional Spanish Colonial religious art to modern and contemporary pieces.

San Francisco de Asis Mission Church

The adobe architecture of this iconic church, built between 1772 and 1816, has inspired artists and photographers for centuries. A local community still worships here, with its deep Spanish colonial history and cultural significance.

Best Places for Dinner in Taos

Doc Martin's Restaurant

Located within the historic Taos Inn, Doc Martin’s is a culinary gem renowned for its New American cuisine with a Southwestern twist. The ambiance is intimate, with adobe walls. Try the New Mexico chile relleno or the grilled rainbow trout, perfectly cooked and seasoned.

Martyrs Steakhouse

Martyrs Steakhouse is a sophisticated spot with classic steakhouse fare. The menu boasts prime cuts, fresh seafood, and imaginative sides. The Ancho Chile Rubbed Ribeye and Lobster Mac & Cheese are standouts. The wine list is carefully curated.


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Best Places to Stay in Taos

El Monte Sagrado

El Monte Sagrado is an enchanting resort set against the backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The luxurious property offers an serene experience with its lush gardens, cascading waterfalls, and meandering pathways. Each room is uniquely designed, incorporating Native American and global influences, creating a blend of rustic charm and opulence. The Living Spa is a haven for rejuvenation, featuring indigenous treatments and therapies. The resort’s commitment to sustainability and preservation is evident in its eco-friendly practices.

Hotel La Fonda de Taos

Hotel La Fonda de Taos, a historic boutique hotel located on Taos Plaza, exudes old-world charm. The walls are adorned with an impressive collection of original art, including the only D.H. Lawrence “Forbidden Art” collection. Guest rooms are tastefully decorated, reflecting Southwestern culture and style. Its rooftop bar, The Bell Tower, offers great views of the Taos Mountains and the Plaza.

After Dark in Taos

Taos Plaza

Take a leisurely stroll around the historic Taos Plaza. The heart of the community for over 300 years, it’s surrounded by galleries, shops, and landmarks. It’s magical (albeit a bit touristy) with lights strung between buildings.

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